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Let your smile shine! A veneer is a covering placed over the visible outside area of a tooth.
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Tooth whitening is a popular procedure that makes your teeth whiter and brighter. We enhance your smile.
Nitrous Oxide
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Dr. Sylvan uses dental sedation when a patient suffers from dental anxiety or must undergo a procedure that could be uncomfortable.
Family Dentistry
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James P Sylvan DDS has provided personalized dental care to thousands of families.
Welcome to Sylvan Dental

We believe that an ideal dental experience comes from applying patient-oriented values and creating an environment of comfort and friendly care, while using the latest in techniques and equipment to ensure the best results. We value Education, Personalized Care, Your Health and Technology.


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Our Team
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We are extremely proud of our long-established dental team. We figure that working together as a convivial, professional team for ten to 25 years is quite an accomplishment, particularly in this day and age. We’ve shared the pleasure of really getting to know our patients well over the years and of watching their children grow into adults and become our patients on their own. Whether you’re an old friend or new in town, you can be sure that when you come to our office you’ll be warmly welcomed by our staff.
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15 years of great service!
I've been going to Dr. Sylvan for 15 years and have never considered going anywhere else. Dr. Sylvan and his staff are friendly and helpful and they NEVER keep me waiting!! I'm a total dental wimp and loathe going...but he always makes it the best experience it can be for me. He and his staff are sensitive to my wimpiness and I am always grateful for that! Not to mention their office and equipment are modern!